S.T.E.A.M. Lab at Jordan


David Starr Jordan Middle School | Funded Fall 2014

To actively engage her students in mathematics, Jordan Math Teacher, Crystal Bruza, took advantage of the school’s new STEAM Lab to pilot the integration of a screen printing machine into her curriculum. Students were first introduced to concepts of sales, discounts, markups, and taxes in their math intervention class. They then used these concepts in a real-world application, using the scenario of owning a t-shirt shop to solve problems.  A  software program was used to design t-shirts, and then they participated in a demonstration on how their designs would come to life. The project concluded with students each creating a t-shirt based on their designs.

Though the school faced issues in ordering the equipment and there was a long delay in acquiring and setting everything up, the project was a huge success once it was finally completed. It brought math to life for the students in a practical and fun way, teaching them how math concepts can be used outside of the classroom and engaging their creativity in applying and integrating art and design skills into math.

“The most successful part of this project was the level of engagement that my math intervention students had in a math lesson. My students were excited about math, a subject that was a source of agony for some of them. Seeing students work diligently to figure out price points, taxes, discounts, and markups was so wonderful. They asked questions. They worked together to figure things out. Some of them even expressed an interest in running their own business one day.”
-Crystal Bruza, 7th Grade Math Teacher


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