Position on Measure QS

Burbank Arts for All Foundation

POSITION ON MEASURE QS, A local education parcel tax


Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum. The Foundation has historically remained neutral on state and local ballot measures. In that tradition, we continue to remain neutral on Measure QS, a local education parcel tax.

We strive to fulfill our mission through our community engagement programs and supplemental funding for arts education with integrity conducted in the public trust in partnership with Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) – and all contributors are critical to our success. We commend BUSD for including arts instruction as an authorized area of Measure QS.

To learn more about the Measure QS, a local education parcel tax, go to: https://shop.burbankusd.org/measure-qs-measure-qs/

To find other resources to help with the November 2018 elections go to https://wp.me/p3uZnB-aT 

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