Special Education Dance Program at Stevenson Elementary

R.L. Stevenson Elementary School | Funded Spring 2017

For the last seven years, all Stevenson Elementary students have participated in a 12-week Fall dance program facilitated by SODE School of the Performing Arts. This includes the school’s special education students, called the “Stepping Stones” students. To accommodate the Stepping Stones’ unique abilities, the teachers have found that additional dance instruction is necessary to help them “get more comfortable with basic dance principals, allows them the opportunity to explore dance and performances, and gives them time and space to find a connection between their body movement, drums and/or music.”

The Foundation has supported an additional 12 weeks of dance instruction for the Stepping Stones students through grants for three of the past seven years, as well as for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. This extension has given this special population the extra time needed to fully explore dance education.

Stevenson Special Education Teacher, Crystal Miron, shared some of the other ways this program benefits the Stepping Stones students and why it is important to continue to implement:

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