New Mics at John Burroughs High School

John Burroughs High School | Funded Fall 2017

Microphones are essential to performing in a large auditorium, and the Performing Arts Programs at John Burroughs High School’s productions faced several sound difficulties with not having enough properly working equipment. In order to purchase two new microphones, a splitter, and the support electronics needed to operate them, the JBHS Drama Department contributed some of their own funds, as well as secured funding from the JBHS Vocal Music Department and the Burbank Arts for All Foundation.

The new microphones arrived in time for the Drama Department’s spring production of Grease. The two new mics “allowed two more people to be amplified full-time, easing the tech burden of trying to switch out microphones on the run mid-play.” The new mics were used by the actors playing Danny and Sandy, and “there wasn’t a bit of electrical interference or noise to detract from their fantastic performances as they sang their hearts out in front of record-breaking crowds.”

Students backstage also benefitted from the new mics. The technical theatre students “learned to work with professional quality microphones, how to put them on and take them off, operate them from the sound booth, mix the voices during the show on different songs, create a mic plot, and take care with fragile and expensive equipment that will be used for years to come.”

“Watching students work together to affix mics and take them off professionally shows respect for equipment and the process of theatre. It enhances the collaborative spirit and teaches them that every job in theatre is important, not just the actors. This expansion of our equipment with high quality mics and the new splitter will help our audiences to grow over the years as they see high quality theatre. Your generous grant has truly helped to amplify performing arts at John Burroughs High School and we are so grateful for your continued support of the JBHS Performing Arts Department.” -Guy Myers, JBHS Drama Director

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