Stage Makeup at Jordan Middle School

David Starr Jordan Middle School | Funded Fall 2017

A new skill was introduced to the students in Jordan Middle School’s CTE Play Production class, when lessons on stage makeup were added to their curriculum. Teacher Taia Perry purchased lockable makeup cases, mirrors, and application tools, in addition to a variety of makeup supplies to accommodate her culturally and creatively diverse students. The students learned techniques to properly apply the makeup, and were able to use their skills as they studied Commedia, a type of theatre that usually involves the use of masks. Using makeup instead of masks, the students designed and created their own stylized looks for their performance of the play Commedia Delight. While they were “unsure of the concept at first, after their first makeup seminar, they were more excited, and by the evening of performance, they fully understood the impact of the makeup and loved getting into character with their makeup on. They felt the makeup helped them get into character and increased their ability to be successful actors in the play.”

“During our first seminar, a male student who had never done makeup before and was originally very reluctant to participate, applied himself, did a great job, and came up to me afterwards, gave me a big hug (not his usual behavior) and said, ‘Thank you, Ms. Taia, this was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. I had fun!!!’ This student was one of the more artistically successful in doing his own makeup for our play. As this young man is a dedicated actor, I believe that this experience has opened up a part of the art of acting that will serve him in all future endeavors.” -Taia Perry, Play Production Teacher

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