Donate Through Your Donor Advised Fund

Donate a Gift of Stock or Through Your Donor Advised Fund:

Burbank Arts for All Foundation welcomes your gift of appreciated stock or gift from a donor advised fund.

Gift of Stock:

Giving to the Foundation is easy!

  1. Contact us!
  2. Contact your broker!
  3. Follow the steps listed in our Donation Form: Click here to download our Donation of Stock Form

California Capital Management, our pro-bono investment advisor, uses Charles Schwab to custody assets. As a Registered Investment Advisor, California Capital Management will facilitate this transaction with VIP service and will make this process as simple and as easy as possible, so that you can fulfill your wishes of supporting Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s mission.

Donor Advised Fund:

A donor-advised fund is an investment account that a donor has that lets you save and build assets to give to qualified charities in the future. And you can reap a tax savings when you direct money into the fund. It’s also a good way to reduce taxable income in a given year. Ask your financial adviser about it. Here’s a quick infographic to explain the basics:


For more ways to give to the Foundation, click here. 

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