Art History Gallery at Stevenson Elementary

R.L. Stevenson Elementary School | Funded Fall 2016

To give all students and teachers at Stevenson Elementary daily access to a variety of artworks from several time periods, the school decided to create an Art History Gallery in the Stevenson hallways.  School staff collaborated with John Burroughs High School Wood Shop Teacher, John Benne, and his classes, who built custom frames to display the artwork. Using funds from a Burbank Arts for All Foundation grant and from the Families for Stevenson Booster Club to cover the cost of materials of the frames, as well as order additional fine art prints to supplement the prints the school already had, helped to create a functional and robust gallery covering significant historical art movements. Lesson plans were then created to correspond to an “Artist of the Month” program, which has been implemented in about 80% of the school’s classrooms.

The Gallery has contributed to a visually rich environment at Stevenson for students and staff alike. Students and staff have developed relationships to the prints and gained new insights from repeated daily exposure. Second, teachers have a structured starting point to incorporate the visual arts into Common Core. This has been accomplished through the “Artist of the Month” program. Third, over time students will continue to develop connections of how art reflects history and world events. Students have already made associations between art, language, culture, and history. Student engagement and excitement for learning has increased as they have a broader understanding of the material they are studying in class and how it is reflected through art.

-Christina Desiderio, R.L. Stevenson Elementary School Principal

Stevenson Elementary student shares why having an art gallery in her school’s hallways is important:

A collection of student artwork created in some of the artistic styles reflected in the school’s Art History Gallery:

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