Green Screen Studio at Miller Elementary

Joaquin Miller Elementary | Funded Fall 2015

In her first year at Miller Elementary, Andria Adams used her experience in incorporating digital media and video production into elementary curriculum to bring these skills to her 5th grade classroom. After receiving a Foundation grant to secure the equipment, materials, and supplies she needed to provide her students with an art integrated, standards-based education through, she utilized media arts to enhance her students’ learning of the life and literature of William Shakespeare. The unit culminated in a video production highlighting what the students had learned and incorporating scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. Through the project, students learned how to read and write a script, acted, blocked scenes, learned different types of camera angles and techniques, and learned basics about sound, lighting, and editing.

“The most successful part of the project was the learning that occurred. Students were so engaged that they learned a lot about video production and the life of William Shakespeare. It also helped students develop a strong self-esteem. They were proud and confident of their work, yet also recognized areas in which they could improve. Most students said that they learned to work together. I was also impressed by students’ reflection and self-evaluation expressed at the end of the project. Students discussed ways that they could improve their performance in the future like speaking louder, staying in character, practicing lines and expression, and not being afraid to be in front of the camera. A few students told me that they were considering taking video production in middle school.”

-Andria Adams, 5th Grade Teacher at Miller Elementary

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