This is Why I Volunteer!

By Caroline Solberg, BUSD Parent & Volunteer


I can provide my child with music lessons and art lessons and theater experiences, but my child does not live in a vacuum. He is part of a community, and that community is richer if all of its members are provided with these opportunities. 

This has been the answer I give when people have asked me why I volunteer.

Additionally, I have said that when my son was in kindergarten, I realized that if I put forth a little more effort, I could provide his whole class with the opportunity that I was providing for him. And with just a bit more effort, I could provide it for the entire grade level. Often my efforts involved activities that included art and arts education.

Recently a friend shared an article with me that showed me that others felt the same way I did about the benefits to our community when everyone is educated:

“If you want your kids to live in an awesome country, then your best bet is to make sure every kid in your community (not just your kid!) gets an awesome education. And the simplest way to do that? Support your public schools.” -Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom 

Arts Education helps students in math and English.  Many studies have found that arts education (and specifically music education) strengthens math and reading skills. These children will likely have several careers as adults. These children will likely have jobs that don’t exist today. Of course, they need to know reading and writing, math and science, and history. But they also need to be able to think creatively, to think “outside the box,” to adapt to a quickly changing world. These are skills that are developed through arts education. If an awesome country is the result of an awesome education, then that experience must include arts education and it must be available to all children.

This is why I volunteer.

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