Donors are saying: “NEVER underestimate the power of the arts!”

Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Give Instead Gala has inspired donors and more than a dozen local teams of Burbank residents are sharing why the Foundation’s mission is important. Here’s a story of a reception hosted by community leaders, Linda Walmsley and Jon Schafer of Schafer Electric.

Donors are sharing their thoughts regarding the importance of arts education when they donate:

Larry & Jobeth England states, “This donation is for Carrie and Earl Brown. They are two of my championship stars!”

Jill Herbertson shares, “Arts Ed is Fundamental to all learning! We draw before we learn to write. We sing before we learn to speak.”

Linda Noel expressed, “Happy to support such a wonderful organization promoting and nurturing creativity in Burbank Schools!”

Anita Schackmann shares, “The Arts are at the core of a strong, well-rounded education. Thank you to our community for recognizing that arts education isn’t the “icing on the cake”…it’s a big part of the cake.”

Tyson Colt says, “NEVER underestimate the power of the arts!”

Michael Babcock shares, “I am the product of a public school system that really valued the arts and extra-curricular. I don’t have enough characters left to say why it was so important to our later success in life…”

Lisa Dyson explains, “Arts Education and Arts Integration are important for our students. We need to continue offering arts education in our school district. We’ve come a long way, we need to sustain what we’ve gained.”

Robyn Roberts says, “BAFA affords creative growth opportunities for individual students and our community at large. Without these funds/grants, many creative teaching models and programs would likely not exist!”

Laurel Lucas expressed, “Art unites and art heals. Let’s create a healthy and united community! :)”

To share your story and give instead today, click:

Each fundraising team has a different story to tell:

Twelve fundraising teams have been created, and each Team Captain is sharing their personal story regarding why the arts are important in a student’s education or the impact that the arts have in a student’s social, emotional, and academic growth. Here are just a few of them:

Scott Pappas, a volunteer with the Foundation, shared:

I first found the Burbank Arts For All Foundation through Disney’s VoluntEARS program. I started as a team lead for a one-day event and have since continued to assist on two committees. I was lucky enough to be exposed to the arts in school early in my life.  It continued through the years and eventually grew into a career that I love.  I think it’s important to help local kids enjoy the same opportunity.

Carrie Brown, a volunteer and Board member of the Foundation, explained:

Many people may assume that the reason Earl and I are so passionate about the value of arts education is because he is a professional actor and writer.  And that is one very important reason.  But it goes way beyond that. I hope you will join me in raising our voices – and raising funds through our “Give Instead Gala.”  Our school district is facing some serious budget shortfalls – and many programs are going to be impacted, including the arts. The Foundation has already made a $100,000 gift this year — but we want to do more.

Bob Mohler, a volunteer and Board member of the Foundation, described his journey in the arts:

Participating in the arts changed my life. Among many things,  it taught me that hard work and dedication pays off! I think anyone that has been on stage for even a moment learns this lesson. You have no choice but to be prepared, as a lack of preparation most definitely leads to embarrassment – which is a very strong motivator it turns out. Continual rehearsal and practice, however, leads to deep gratification and a sense of accomplishment.

These two forces are important in a child’s development. There are very few opportunities in life to apply these concepts. Arts gives a child that opportunity – whether learning an instrument, a song, or lines in a play. The practice and performance is immensely valuable, even if they don’t end up having a career in the arts.

Art. St. Germain, a volunteer and Board member of the Foundation, quotes an SAT statistic:

92! That’s how many more points students with 4 years of high school arts classes scored on their SAT. Time and time again, research shows that The Arts Are Essential. My name is Art St. Germain and I’m the father of 3 young girls who I believe should be exposed to art, dance, music, theater, and everything in between (beginning in elementary school), and that’s why I believe in our core mission at Burbank Arts For All Foundation. Help me reach my goal, so the arts can thrive in Burbank schools:

Each team’s story focuses on the importance of creativity in the classroom and each have their own fundraising goal to help the Foundation reach its collective goal of $200,000. We are all working together to make a difference in the lives of students.

Read their stories and donate any amount, online or via check. Click these links or create your team today:


The Foundation invites everyone to join the fun of the Give Instead Gala! 

Donate any amount, and share why YOU support arts education for Burbank Unified students.

The Foundation’s Online Auction launches this Friday, April 26th through May 10th. Many luxury packages and exciting experiences will be available for your winning bid! For a sneak peek go to

To date, the Foundation has raised more than $70,000, but the Foundation needs your help to reach their goal of $200,000. Will you help? 


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