Creative Circles Forum at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles

Thank you to over 85 students, parents, and community members & leaders who joined Burbank Arts for All Foundation for an inspiring Creative Circles Forum at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles on Saturday, June 22, 2019! Guests participated in an inspiring panel with experts who shared how this growing part of the video game industry is bringing global audiences, live broadcasting, competitive esports gaming, and career pathways to Burbank!

“The experience from the panelists proved that the session was worth my time. Listening to the magnitude of their experiences within Blizzard Entertainment made me feel like I was in the right spot.”
-Leah T., Burbank High Student

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About the Forum: 

With multiple sound stages, control rooms, and practice facilities, Blizzard Arena Los Angeles was built to support a full slate of competitive events year-round for pro players, esports fans, and everyone else who loves premier competition. At the Creative Circles Forum, guests were given the unique opportunity to hear the latest from experts at Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, from engineering in this cutting-edge entertainment venue, to competitive gaming operations, to live broadcast TV of esports gaming. Guests were also be treated to the very unique opportunity to watch a live rehearsal in preparation for The Overwatch League’s Stage 3 Week 3 live broadcast.

Thank you to our panel of experts:

  • Ben McAdoo – Master Electrician, Blizzard Arena
  • Alicia Cornelia – Program Manager, Overwatch League
  • Lucy Dodson – Social Media Content Coordinator
  • Hannah McCormick – Associate Manager, Competitive Operations
  • David Light – Associate Broadcast Engineer

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Learn about esports at Blizzard Entertainment

Check out this quick 2 minute video from #XTRAPOINT: Behind-the-scenes with Overwatch League:

Find out why Blizzard Arena Los Angeles is a a first-class production facility.

Meet the Panelists: 

Ben McAdoo – Master Electrician, Blizzard Arena

Ben McAdoo is in charge of all show power for lighting, video, audio and IT, including fixture repair and managing stagehands who execute lighting plots, rigging, and cabling. Mr. McAdoo also works with various departments including broadcast and scenic, green screen content in need of lighting, and managing studio and flow of productions in and out of the facility.

Alicia Cornelia – Program Manager, The Overwatch League (OWL)

Alicia Cornelia is responsible for overseeing the planning, roadmapping and execution of all initiatives that the team launches during the regular season.  This includes calling out risks/co-dependencies, stakeholder management, reporting and managing her own staff.  Ms. Cornelia has been around since the launch of The Overwatch League, having previously worked in technical program management on Blizzard

Lucy Dodson – Social Media Content Coordinator for The Overwatch League (OWL)

Lucy Dodson manages the content creation and strategic social campaigns for social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ms. Dodson works interdepartmentally to ensure that social media content is providing the type of support needed from all OWL departments.

Hannah McCormick – Associate Manager, Competitive Operations, The Overwatch League (OWL)

Hannah McCormick manages various functions depending on the game schedule. On a game match day, Ms. McCormick is The Overwatch League Game Operator working interdepartmentally to ensure a smooth production between the game, players, and our broadcast team. Her work begins in the game lobby, managing the referees, and communicating any issues during the game match. On a non- game match day, Ms. McCormick manages and tracks the Operations team tasks to ensure the success for future events, including testing new game builds, managing new player signings process, and updating any roster changes as needed.

David Light – Associate Broadcast Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

As the Associate Broadcast Engineer, David Light partners with producers to match the creative goals of a show with the proper technology to execute that goal. Broadcast engineers also help manage risk/reward against budget. During a show, broad cast engineers are on site to make sure if something goes wrong the show doesn’t burn down.

Photos from the Creative Circles Forum at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles: 

Blizzard Arena Los Angeles in action:

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