“Common Craft Videos” at Stevenson Elementary

R.L. Stevenson Elementary | Funded Spring 2018

Using paper cutouts and dialogue focused on explaining concepts ‘in plain English,’ Common Craft Videos are highly collaborative projects that allow Stevenson Elementary students to be involved in the entire video production process and involve combining visual arts, performing arts, and multimedia arts.

To give her 4th grade students the opportunity to create their own Common Craft Videos, teacher Jennifer Fieweger received a grant from Burbank Arts for All Foundation to purchase the camera equipment needed for this video-making process. Using the elements of fiction (setting, character, plot structure, conflict, and point of view), students:

  • designed a storyboard for their videos
  • worked in groups to collaborate on writing their own stories
  • created paper cut-outs and props to represent their story elements
  • filmed, edited, and published their videos using cameras and a computer

Through this collaborative and creative project, students grew their skills in video making, script writing, teamwork, and detailed planning, as well as speaking skills and lighting skills to complete their final product.

Click the image below to view the students’ Common Craft Videos:

The most successful part of this project was the ability for all students’ strengths to shine through. Some students discovered a new love for filmmaking. They enjoyed working with the camera and lighting immensely. I loved to watch them work together so each individual added an element to the final piece. Coordinating their efforts was exciting to witness!

This program also sparked an interest and firsthand knowledge of the filmmaking process. Students were able to combine talents and interests to create a final product in which they took great pride. Many students reported that they would like to learn more about video production after this experience.

-Jennifer Fieweger

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