Thank you ACSA Region XV: Partners In Education Award

On April 29th, Burbank Arts for All Foundation was honored with the Partners In Education Award from the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region XV. 

Nominated by Burbank Unified’s Burbank Association of School Administrators, the Foundation was selected by a panel of administrators from the region. Burbank Arts for All Foundation was recognized at the  Regional Spring Conference and Awards Banquet “Leading to Make A Difference,” where members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff were presented with the award. The night also recognized the leadership of many other school administrators throughout the region and showcased the talents of six high school student oratory contest winners.

Back row: Foundation Board members Alexandra Helfrich, Brenda Etterbeek, and Caroline Solberg, Program and Outreach Manager, Saundra Montijo, Board members Carrie Brown, Debbie Kukta and Suzanne Weerts, with ACSA Region XV President Rebecca Summers. Front Row: Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, Tom Vice, with the Foundation’s Executive Director, Trena Pitchford

Part of the nomination process is an application to describe how the Foundation partners with Burbank Unified. Here’s just one of the many questions that were answered:

Describe how the organization or program has proven to offer exemplary management and educational practices that can be replicated by other schools, districts and communities. While primarily providing financing to bring unique and new art programs to our school district, Burbank Arts for All Foundation also monitors how the programs are running once they receive funding.  Each school is required to send a review of progress on the newly funded program.  The Foundation staff or board sometimes come to visit a new program.  At their community events they share the variety of programs going on in the district.  The hope is that through these social situations, educators and leaders will share ideas with one another.  A great program should be at many sites, not just secluded at one school!  The Foundation will even meet with the school writing the grant to help talk them through the process of filling out the grant.

Burbank Arts for All Foundation is humbled to be honored and committed to continuing our partnership with Burbank Unified in support of our mission and a quality arts education for all students!

For more information about the Foundation’s impact, click this link. 

To read about the Foundation’s grantmaking program, click this link.

To engage in the Foundation’s Community Outreach programs, click this link.

To donate to the Foundation, click this link.


BUSD Superintendent and Administrators with Burbank Arts for All Foundation staff and Board members.

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