“The Crucible” at The Colony

Burbank High School | Funded Fall 2018

Due to scheduling conflicts for Burbank High’s Wolfson Auditorium, the BHS Play-Production Class found themselves in need of a new venue for their Spring 2019 production of The Crucible. They reached out to Burbank’s Colony Theatre and arranged to rent their facility for the production’s performances, and Theatre Teacher Donovan Glover applied for a Burbank Arts for All Foundation grant to help pay for the use of the space.

The Colony proved to be the perfect setting for the BHS production of The Crucible, and both acting and tech students benefited greatly from working in the professional space.

From the Students: 

“Having the opportunity to do The Crucible in the Colony was such a blessing. The space was so perfect, and the energy so high. We were in a much smaller setting than the stage at BHS, but it fit the more intimate piece so well. When it was announced that we were doing a show away from home, I was a little skeptical, but after even the first rehearsal I was convinced that this theatre matched the show perfectly. Thank you, Burbank Arts for All Foundation, for letting us be able to put on such a fun show.”
-Ricky D, BHS Play-Production Student

“Being able to work in the Colony Theatre was a truly remarkable and rewarding learning experience. As a performing arts student trying to expand my creative bubble, being able to work at a location that is much more different than Burbank High School’s space was worthwhile since exploring the new area allowed my fellow actors and me to have  new point of view on theatre, and I have the Burbank Arts for All Foundation to thank for allowing our group to do that.”
-Leah T, BHS Play-Production Student

Photos from The Crucible:

From Theatre Teacher Donovan Glover: 

“A week and a half before the production opened, we shifted into the Colony. I wish I’d filmed the actors’ initial tour of the space – the house, backstage, dressing rooms. They were thrilled, gleeful. So much of what we’d been rehearsing now made visceral sense to them. Though the Colony holds a significant audience side (250), its intimate, semi-round structure provides a far more intimate environment – perfect for our quiet, close-up approach to The Crucible. The theatre managers gave the tour, explained the house rules, then we got to work, effectively utilizing each hour we were in there. While the cast rehearsed and adjusted to the space, the theatre tech students were able to learn new boards – lighting and sound – and got to work focusing for our dark, shadowy show, as well as programming the soundtrack. They learned directly from the house’s professional stage manager. Due to previous engagements in the theatre, we had to strike our show from the stage twice during that first week, though this only gave the backstage crew and actors all the more practice with transitions, prop-awareness, and the like. [The most successful part of this project was] the artistic depth and the professional approach of the students themselves. I really believe that the space itself inspired the students – both on and off stage – to discover a new ‘best’ for themselves.”
-Donovan Glover, BHS Theatre Teacher

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