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Burbank, California, October 18, 2019 – Burbank Arts for All Foundation (the Foundation) announced investments made in media, visual and performing arts programs for schools in Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday October 17, 2019. Foundation Board of Directors Member, Alexandra Helfrich, announced a total grant giving of $95,514.81.

For its 24th grant cycle, the Foundation accepted applications for two types of requests: General applications for supplemental funding to support ongoing arts education programs in alignment with the BUSD Board of Education’s Resolution 35; and applications for projects in alignment with the City of Burbank’s Arts in Public Places Ordinance.

General funding this cycle supported a wide variety of programs, directly impacting 3,266 students at four elementary schools, all three traditional middle schools, and both general population high schools this school year and thousands more kids in the years to come.

Highlights from these investments to support creative learning in the classroom include: theatre artist-in-residency programs at 3 elementary schools; a third investment in a school-wide arts wheel;  visual arts curriculum tied into the beautification and relocation of a school garden; equipment to support robust middle school media arts programs; classroom supplies for a mobile theatre arts classroom; auditorium sound system upgrades impacting all performing arts programs at a middle school; the replacement of essential culinary arts equipment; a professional theatre rental for a collaboration between theatre and visual arts classes; and a unique collaboration between marine biology, engineering, physics, and visual arts classes to engage creative thinking in the design and construction of remotely operated vehicles.

Thanks to its partnership with the City of Burbank and a generous donation from Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Foundation was also able to support creative design in BUSD through requests in alignment with the City’s Arts in Public Places Ordinance (APPO). Over the years, development funding through APPO has supported murals and art installations at school facilities throughout the District, such as the student-designed art sculptures that are currently in the lobby of Burbank High School’s Wolfson Auditorium.

Highlights of APPO-aligned projects invested in this cycle include: elementary school murals in collaboration with professional artists and student designs; murals designed and created by visual arts students, who “pitched” their proposals for public art on various surfaces throughout the campus, including walls, stairs, and pillars; a larger-than-life bronze bust at a middle school sculpted by a professional artist, who will involve ceramics students in an artist-in-residency series that aligns with the sculpture creation; and a mosaic wall designed and created by sculpture students.

In February, the Foundation presented its largest grant of $100,000 to support BUSD’s elementary music teachers, bringing its total funding in 2019 to $195,514.81. These investments bring the Foundation’s lifetime total of supplemental support to arts education in BUSD schools to $758,064.78 through 317 grants.

Many of the grants funded by the Foundation have been matched with funding from BUSD, school sites, PTA units, a school’s fundraising committee, and other community partners. The consistent lack of state and federal dollars for arts education in Burbank has been offset by a robust ecosystem of community, business, and Foundation funding.

Up next, join the Foundation at its next Community Exchange at D’Argenzio’s Winery on Thursday, November 14th at 6pm for a casual conversation on arts education with fellow parents and arts advocates. Following the Exchange discussion, guests are invited to enjoy food, wine, and the musical stylings of Jamie and the Silver Dollars! More information will be available soon on the Foundation’s website at

About Burbank Arts for All Foundation:

Burbank Arts for All Foundation believes the arts are transformative for kids. With its growing number of Burbank parents, teachers, and students, as well as community and business partners, the Foundation believes all students should have equal access to a quality arts education that nurtures a balanced approach to life, develops 21st century skills for any career path a student chooses, and further enriches a healthy community and creative economy in Burbank.

Since 2006, Burbank Arts for All Foundation has worked in partnership with Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) to support BUSD’s Arts for All masterplan. The impact of the Foundation’s work supports thousands of students in their academic, social and emotional growth through arts education every school year.

Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Mission and Vision:

Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.

Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s vision is to inspire Burbank to build the finest arts education program in California.



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