Giving More to Arts Education in BUSD

Burbank Arts for All Foundation remains committed to supporting Burbank Unified School District’s arts plans and programs through its impending budget crisis. In 2019, your donations enabled the Foundation to give over $195,000 in grant funds to BUSD and to engage the community in the importance of the arts.

There is more we can do together. Your continued support of the Foundation’s work is critical to furthering creativity in the classroom for students.

Help us give more to BUSD Arts Education by making your year-end donation today!

Any donation you give by December 31st will help. Your support is crucial for kids, and we are grateful for you!

Give through:

We thank you for your continued support of Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s work and the impact we have had together changing the lives of kids through grants supporting creativity in the classroom and engaging our community in support of Burbank Unified arts education!


  • Genevieve & Raymond Ahlich
  • Robert & Alice Ambrose
  • John & Joan Black
  • Ann Brooks
  • Carrie Brown
  • Ted & Nohemy Bunch
  • Canyon Wholesale Provisions
  • Judith & Ernest Dellinger
  • Brenda Etterbeek
  • Wallace Etterbeek
  • Leann & Adrian Haurat
  • Alexandra Helfrich
  • Amir Hussain
  • Charles & Rebecca Hutchinson
  • Freddy Jarjour
  • Scott LaChasse
  • Nancy & Richard Lacher
  • Linda Lammers
  • Victoria & Nathan Lanier
  • Kathy Leverett
  • Bruce & Leslie Lilly
  • Angela & Doug Machala
  • Lisa Martin
  • Kevin McCarney
  • Eryn Mekash
  • Greg & Nikki Miller
  • Bob Mohler
  • Margaret Mohler Strahan
  • Sylvia Nielsen-Ioka & Tak Ioka
  • Danielle & Kyle Olson
  • Robert & Denise Ovrom
  • Pet Roc Productions
  • Patrick Prescott & Ryan Kim
  • Valentina Raskin & Paul Lasaine
  • Paula Quasarano
  • Judith Savage
  • Bill Scollon
  • Beth Semler
  • David & Heidi Shannon
  • Caroline Solberg
  • Warren & Julie Stein
  • Cathy Stevens
  • Art St. Germain
  • Humberto & Sydney Vargas-Machuca
  • James & LaNelle Weerts
  • Georgia Wetherwax
  • Amy & Larry Wilke
  • Kerrilee Wong
  • Renee Yuen
  • Monica Zhang



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