Burbank Arts for All Foundation believes the arts are transformative.

We believe all students should have equal access to a quality arts education that nurtures a balanced approach to life, develops 21st century skills for any career path a student chooses, and further enriches a healthy community and creative economy in Burbank.

Beyond the engagement programs we host or the supplemental funding we provide for much needed artistic tools and supplies in the classroom, we do this work because it is right for the kids and our community. For us, it is not just about supporting the next artist, but also fostering well rounded humans in the world.


Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.

Our vision is to inspire Burbank to build the finest arts education program in California.

You can read the Executive Summary of our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan by clicking here.


Our Impact:
To learn more about our impact, click here.

The Foundation’s engagement programs convene over 400 advocates, parents and artists each year and, through our bi-annual grant-making and giving program, the Foundation has invested more than $758,000.00 supporting a wide variety of dance, theatre, music, fine art and media art productions or projects, artist in residency programs, arts integration programs, professional development for teachers, equipment upgrades in school auditoriums or classrooms, and strategic planning for Burbank Unified School District’s Arts for All plan.


Why We Do What We Do:

We believe the arts help students overcome their everyday pressures and accomplish their academic goals.

Demographic Profile: BUSD’s student body is diverse with 8 of our 16 traditional schools qualifying for Title 1 funding, meaning 40% or more of the students come from low income families. BUSD also offers a continuation high school and two alternative learning school campuses. The majority of BUSD’s English Language Learners represent Spanish, Armenian and Arabic cultures.

State of California Public School Funding: California’s per-pupil spending for the past four decades has decreased in comparison to other states. The last time California was at the top of the nation in per pupil funding was 1965, when it ranked 5th. In 1978 – the year Prop 13 passed –California was 14th . The next year, the state fell to 22nd place. In 1988, California fell below the national average for the first time and never recovered. The state now ranks 43rd. Here’s an article from EdSource regarding state wide funding.

Public School Funding in BUSD: In the early ‘90s, due to years of a lack of state and federal funding, arts education programs in BUSD were cut or minimalized. However, in 2005, our forward-thinking District  – along with support from our parent and business community – adopted the BUSD Arts for All master plan to reinstate and grow arts education programs throughout the District.

Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s commitment: The Foundation is committed to helping BUSD fulfill the goals in its Arts for All master plan and have been a constant partner since its inception. (To read BUSD’s current plan, click this link.


Your donation to the Burbank Arts for All Foundation, ensures these vital media, visual and performing arts programs can continue to flourish and grow in BUSD schools – – making a difference in the lives of every Burbank student and our community.


Join us in our mission. There is still much more work to do. 

Become engaged in our mission: volunteer, give a donation, invest in our endowment, donate a gift of stock or a planned gift, or provide an in-kind contribution. Every donation is appreciated and helps us serve more kids and teachers in BUSD! Click here to give today.


A brief snapshot of our history:

Since 2006, Burbank Arts for All Foundation has worked in partnership with Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) to reinstate and grow arts education in the classroom through its support of BUSD’s Arts for All master plan. The impact of our work has supported thousands of students in their academic, social and emotional growth and we have engaged a unique coalition of major studios, local businesses, media companies, parents, educators, the City of Burbank and the Burbank Unified School District in the importance of creativity and innovation.

As a non-profit public arts education foundation, we further our mission each day by providing supplemental funding twice a year through our grant making program, as well as year-round community engagement and advocacy efforts in support of all of Burbank Unified School District’s 15,000+ students.