Burbank Arts for All Foundation believes the arts are transformative.

We believe all students should have equal access to a quality arts education that nurtures a balanced approach to life, develops 21st century skills for any career path a student chooses, and further enriches a healthy community and creative economy in Burbank.

Beyond the engagement programs we host or the supplemental funding we provide for much needed artistic tools and supplies in the classroom, we do this work because it is right for the kids and our community. For us, it is not just about supporting the next artist, but also fostering well rounded humans in the world.

Guests attend our Creative Circles Forum to discuss career pathways in the Video game industry.

Guests attend our Creative Circles Forum to discuss career pathways in the Video Game industry.

Student creates with clay at Roosevelt Elementary

Students perform Wizard of Oz at McKinley Elementary in 2011

Students perform Wizard of Oz at McKinley Elementary in 2011

Attendees at Celebrating Impact

Donors and Guests at Celebrating Impact Event

A brief snapshot of our history:

Since 2006, Burbank Arts for All Foundation has worked in partnership with Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) to reinstate and grow arts education in the classroom through its support of BUSD’s Arts for All plan. The impact of our work has supported thousands of students in their academic, social and emotional growth and we have engaged a unique coalition of major studios, local businesses, media companies, parents, educators, the City of Burbank and the Burbank Unified School District in the importance of creativity and innovation.

As a non-profit public arts education foundation, we further our mission each day by providing supplemental funding twice a year through our grant making program, as well as year-round community engagement and advocacy efforts in support of all of Burbank Unified School District’s 15,000+ students.

Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.

Our vision is to inspire Burbank to build the finest arts education program in California.

You can read the Executive Summary of our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan by clicking here.

Our Impact:
To learn more about our impact, click here.

The Foundation’s engagement programs convene over 400 advocates, parents and artists each year and, through our bi-annual grant-making program, the Foundation has awarded more than $400,000.00 in grant funds supporting a wide variety of dance, theatre, music, fine art and media art productions or projects, artist in residency programs, arts integration programs, professional development for teachers, equipment upgrades in school auditoriums or classrooms, and strategic planning for Burbank Unified School District’s Arts for All plan.

But we know there is still much more work to do. 


BAFA Ck Passing at Simmzy'

Foundation Board, staff and donors receiving check from Simmzy’s Burbank, a local eatery.

Students at Bret Harte Elementary School sketch Art in Math class.

Students at Bret Harte Elementary School sketch Art in Math class. Funded Fall 2016

BHS Dance students performing at the January 2014 meeting

BHS Dance students performing at the January 2014 Community meeting

National Charity League volunteers at Secret Art Show!

Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Director at the 2017 Party for the Arts Gala

Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Director at the 2017 Party for the Arts Gala

Drawing Series for Students in Math Intervention class - Funded Fall 2016

Drawing Series for Students in Math Intervention class – Funded Fall 2016

Stacy Cashman, a Principal at Jordan Middle School writes:

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation has made it possible for Jordan to fund and create a Broadcast Studio. This student-generated broadcast will promote the arts, STOP IT (our anti-bullying campaign), and facilitate a positive school culture at Jordan. They also provided us funds to create a dance curriculum for our PE classes. Burbank Arts for All Foundation not only supports the arts, but this group also helps us keep education relevant in the 21st century.”

Why We Do What We Do:

  • In 1978, after the passing of Proposition 13 in the state of California, arts education in our statewide public school system saw a significant decrease in funding. Schools cut programs, sold band instruments and gave pink slips to art and music teachers. Students no longer experienced creativity in their education and instead were focused on filling in bubbles and taking tests.
  • In the early ‘90s, due to state budget cuts and years of lack of state and federal funding, arts education programs in BUSD were cut or minimalized.
  • We believe the arts help kids overcome their everyday pressures and accomplish their academic goals. BUSD’s student body is diverse with 8 of our 16 traditional schools qualifying for Title 1 funding, meaning 40% or more of our students come from low income families. BUSD also offers a continuation high school and two alternative learning school campuses. The majority of our English Language Learners represent Spanish, Armenian and Arabic cultures. Through our grant making program, we have supported arts education programs at all of these school sites to allow these students the opportunity to grow and flourish socially, emotionally and academically.
  • We are committed to helping BUSD fulfill the goals in its Arts for All plan and have been a constant partner since its inception. To read the current plan, click this link.

Your donation to the Burbank Arts for All Foundation, ensures these vital media, visual and performing arts programs can continue to flourish and grow in our schools – – making a difference in the lives of every Burbank student and our community.

To donate to our mission today, click here.

Burbank Arts For All Foundation is committed to contributing to its endowment fund. The purpose of the endowment is to provide a sustainable monetary source for arts education grants while additionally supporting our stability and growth. To increase funding to the endowment we are seeking donors who take a special interest in this form of support. To further our success we need your assistance to facilitate a significant increase to the endowment fund. Find more information by clicking this link or please contact us if you would like to give directly to the endowment or provide us a bequest in your will or living trust.

Here’s a Snapshot of our Finances:

Our expenses support our operational budget with 35% of our expenses for our Grant making and Engagement Programs, 18% to General and Management operations and 47% to Fundraising expenses. Our goal for 2017 is to maintain our fiscal management and increase philanthropic donations from donors or businesses who believe in our mission. If we can meet our goal, we hope to be able to further diversify our fundraising strategies and decrease our reliance on raising the majority of our revenues through fundraising events.



Board of Directors:

The Foundation’s Board of Directors are volunteers consisting of business professionals, community leaders, parents, and educators. For a list of our Board members please click here.


Trena Pitchford – Executive Director

Saundra Montijo – Program and Outreach Manager

Donna Martley – Bookkeeper


Contact Information:
348 E. Olive Avenue, Suite D
Burbank, CA  91502
Phone: (818) 736-5269
Fax:  (818) 276-8474

Job Opportunities:
Click here for current job opportunities.

Together we make a difference in our community!

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