Since 2006, the Burbank Arts for All Foundation has been dedicated to ensuring that every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum. We’d like to share the impact of our grant awards through the students, teachers and teaching artists that have benefited from investments made by the Burbank Arts for All Foundation through our grant making program.

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Arts Education: Creating Better Students that Become Better Adults

Impact video created by New York Film Academy Documentary Students

It’s Up to All of Us

Impact video created for the Party on the Plaza 2014

The Beginning of a Movement

Impact video created for the Party on the Plaza 2013

The Impact of Arts Education on Burbank Students

Impact video created for the Party on the Plaza 2012

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2011-2012 school year grant recipients

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THANK YOU to BAFA for supporting McKinley Elementary School in our efforts to keep the Arts alive. What a joy it is to see our young children basking in the excitement and thrill of their own talents! Bobbie Kavanaugh, McKinley Elementary Principal & Taia Perry, Parent and PTA Arts Chair and Financial Secretary


“I have to say how fortunate we are to have been granted the money to buy new instruments. When I started teaching here 4 years ago, I inherited a lot of old instruments…in fact many of them had to be disposed of because they were not in any condition to be played even after repairs. Even so, I patched them up myself and tried to get a couple more uses out of them. Slowly through grants from foundations such as Burbank Arts for All Foundation, we have been able to replace these instruments. This is so important for the band as it is growing each year. We will need to continue to purchase instruments for our students in order to keep up with the demand. Thank you so much Burbank Arts for All Foundation for what you do to make our programs successful and to allow us to thrive in the arts!” Cathy Kim, Teacher, Band Director, Luther Burbank Middle School


ELD - Ana P Thank You



From the Teaching Artist’s Perspective by Kate Randolph… “Last Fall, thanks to a grant from Burbank Arts for All Foundation, I had the opportunity to do a residency entitled POETRY IN PERFORMANCE at Jordan Middle School as well as to perform my one-women show based upon Dickinson’s life and poetry for 450 eighth graders! What a joy. Two classes had three sessions with me, and three more classes had two sessions. Together we honestly discussed what attracts them and what turns them off to poetry. After they worked in small groups to analyze the meaning of a poem, I was able to take that same poem – which seemed obscure and somewhat inscrutable to some – put it in the context of an event in the poet’s life, perform it in that context, and bring it to life for them. They could see how poetry gets “born.”

Then the middle-schoolers got on their feet and the focus turned to them. They were led through various acting exercises to help them prepare for their assignment to “perform a poem in front of their peers,” which is one of the Language Arts Standard that English teachers are expected to fulfill. Little by little the students overcame their abject fear of getting up in front of the class to speak! They learned how to internalize the material and how to exude confidence even when they don’t feel it. They practiced how to look their audience in the eye, how to stand without fidgeting, and how to project their voices expressively. They learned life skills which carry beyond the classroom, preparing them for college and job interviews and – quite simply – for LIFE!



From the Teaching Artist’s perspective, the work is deeply satisfying. It is extremely rewarding to guide a young teenager through resistance to openness to illumination. The biggest payoff for me, as a Teaching Artist, is to find out after the fact that some of my most successful students are “usually troublemakers” or are the ones that don’t participate at all in class. When given the opportunity to direct their energy into self-expression, they become different people. The reason I became a Teaching Artist was so that I could use my skills and experience to enable youth to find themselves, to fulfill their own potential, to discover their own uniqueness. It is deeply rewarding work, and Burbank Arts for All Foundation gave me one more opportunity to do it!”




Jill Johnson, Curriculum Specialist at Thomas Jefferson Elementary writes, “This year, teachers and students will be continuing the visual arts objective of applying artistic processes through the creation of clay sculpture. In order to continue the collaboration of teachers, students and our artist, Karen Broderick, several parent volunteers organized grade level boxes of clay supplies. This project was made possible with funding from the Burbank Arts for All Foundation. Jefferson would like to express our sincerest gratitude!

Tavit, a student at Providencia Elementary, wrote, “I really do mean thank you when I say thank you. Burbank Arts for All Foundation is the best. YOU ROCK.


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