Burbank Arts for All Foundation allocates supplemental funding through our grantmaking program for Burbank Unified School District’s schools. Awards are distributed through our bi-annual grantmaking program, which specifically correlate to the BUSD Arts for All Strategic Plan while demonstrating high-quality, in-class instruction aligned with the California Arts Standards for Public Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve.

  • We will only consider requests for funds to support projects that occur during the standard school day during class time, are standards-based, and have a direct connection to student learning.
  • All funding requests for single-site projects must be signed by the school’s principal; and all multi-site or District-wide projects must be signed by the BUSD Arts Coordinator. All facility related projects must be signed by the BUSD Director of Facilities. This pre-approval is required to ensure all Burbank Arts for All Foundation funding is consistent with BUSD’s Arts For All Strategic Plan and current School Site/District needs and priorities.
  • Grants can be awarded for the integration of the arts in non-VAPA courses like Math, English, or World History, so be creative!

Grant Application Deadline:

The Foundation’s Spring 2020 Grant Cycle has been postponed to better serve the needs of the District pending the outcomes of the Measure I vote on March 3rd. Any applications received will be held for consideration in the Fall 2020 Cycle (deadline: Tuesday, September 15th).

If you have any questions or would like assistance with the Foundation’s grant application process, please contact the Foundation’s Program & Outreach Manager, Saundra Montijo, at 818.736.5269 or saundra@burbankartsforall.org

The Foundation accepts applications throughout the year for two separate grant cycles, in the Fall and in the Spring. Grant deadlines are March 1st and September 15th by 5:00pm. In the case of March 1st or September 15th landing on a non-business day (i.e. Saturday, Sunday, holiday), the Application Deadline will be extended to the next available business day.

Grant Guidelines & Applications:

The Foundation will continue to accept general Arts Education Grant Applications on a rolling basis until the above deadline.

Arts Education Grants

For equal access, we have provided our Grant Application and Final Report in a word document. Applications are also available in our office. Please contact the Foundation with any questions.

Download our Grant Guidelines, Grant Application, Final Report Form or Media Release

Burbank Arts for All Foundation GRANT GUIDELINES
Burbank Arts for All Foundation GRANT APPLICATION FORM (Downloads a fillable Word doc)
Example Budget

Burbank Arts for All Foundation FINAL REPORT FORM (Downloads a fillable Word doc)
Burbank Arts for All Foundation Media Release

Burbank Unified School District Arts for All Plan

PLEASE NOTE: Application form versions prior to August 1, 2017 and Final Report form versions prior to August 1, 2015 will NOT be accepted.


In 2010, Burbank Arts For All Foundation announced the Bowman Professional Development Grant. Dr. Gregory Bowman, retired superintendent of Burbank Unified School District (BUSD), generously allocated funding to support professional development in arts education for teachers in BUSD. His legacy as an arts learning advocate lives on through this gift. Annually, on March 1  the Foundation awards two Bowman grants, one to a group of teachers ($3,500) and one to an individual ($750).

Bowman Professional Development Grant Application (Downloads a fillable Word doc)