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October 12, 2016 


A student in attendance asked how Don got his start.
See his inspiring answer in the video below: 

Video courtesy of Don Hahn


Photos courtesy of Harvey Branman

Our esteemed panelist, Don Hahn, shared industry insights about creativity, storytelling and what it takes to produce award winning movies, combining all artistic elements to engage audiences, like music, color, script, visual design, performance. Don’s keynote presentation inspired everyone who attended to unleash their creative potential. After his presentation, guests enjoyed the unique opportunity to ask questions and attended a hosted reception in the theatre’s lobby.

Thanks to the generosity of a grant from Edelman, BUSD High School Students were able to attend the Forum for free.

Learn More About Don!

Don Hahn
Artist, Author, & Award-Winning Producer

Don Hahn, an Academy Award nominee best known for his work with Disney, has spent decades in the film industry working as a producer on such films as “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” “Frankenweenie,” and “Maleficent.” Hahn’s colorful life with Disney began working as an assistant director on “The Fox and the Hound” with Wolfgang Reitherman, one of Disney’s legendary core animators known as the Nine Old Men. Inspired by Reitherman’s producing on the project, Hahn went on to produce some of Disney’s most well-known animated features. As his career progressed, Hahn discovered a love of documentary filmmaking, directing “Waking Sleeping Beauty,” a telling walk-through of the Disney Renaissance, and served as an executive producer on the “Disneynature” films “Oceans,” “African Cats” and “Chimpanzee.” Whether he’s working with traditional animation, stop-motion, live action or even a documentary, Hahn’s projects consistently tell emotionally powerful stories. Hahn has authored three books on the art of animation, including The Alchemy of Animation, which provides the definitive account of how animated films are created in the modern age.  In 2011, he released his latest book, Brain Storm – Unleashing Your Creative Self. www.donhahn.com 


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