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Burbank Unified School District has identified a need of $1.2 million to repair or replace broken musical instruments in their middle and high schools and they set a district wide goal 4.4 to work with community partners to raise 10% of that need by the end of this school year, naming the year long campaign “Music Is Instrumental.” Led by BUSD, the “Music is Instrumental” campaign is a coordinated effort involving the Musicians at Play Foundation, Burbank Arts for All Foundation, the Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective, the Burbank Education Foundation, Burbank Music Academy, Music Junction, parents, IMA booster organizations, corporate, and small business partners to accomplish this goal.

In October 2017, Burbank Arts for All Foundation entered into an MOU agreement with BUSD to support their campaign in the areas of funding, communications, and community outreach and advocacy. The Foundation provided:

  • a $10,000 grant in October 2017 to benefit BUSD’s Music Is Instrumental campaign
  • hosted a Creative Circles Forum in March 2018 focused on the Business of the Music Industry
  • coordinated with BUSD on a shared communications plan to generate community awareness
  • supported a community wide campaign, called 1000 for $100, led by community leaders Linda Walmsley, Michael Cusumano, and Michael Hastings

Exciting Announcements!

$20,000 Matching Challenge Has Been Achieved! Thank you to all of the donors that matched the $20,000 matching challenge from the Skylight Foundation!

LA County Board of Supervisor, Kathryn Barger is contributing $25,000 to BUSD Music Is Instrumental Campaign!

With the proceeds from the BUSD Music Is Instrumental benefit concert and ALL of the combined gifts since October 2017, the campaign has met its $120,000 goal! 

Today, we strive to help them reach this goal and we invite you to join an effort, called “1,000 for $100,” where 1,000 supporters of Burbank’s public schools will donate $100.00 in support of “Music Is Instrumental”! Join the growing list of donors today!

100% of your donation will be gifted to Burbank Unified to replace and repair musical instruments for students in all middle and high schools.

Please send your 100% tax-deductible donation payable to Burbank Arts for All Foundation, indicating “Music Is Instrumental” campaign, either through mail, drop off or online.

To donate:

With cash or a check, click this link to download the form and mail it to Music Is Instrumental c/o Burbank Arts for All Foundation!

To give online with a credit card, click this link or:

Donate Today


Co-Chairs of 1,000 for $100

Michael Hastings       Linda Walmsley        Michael Cusumano


Thank you to the Donors of 1,000 for $100 in support of  “Music Is Instrumental!”


Three Treble Clef Donors ($300 or More)

  • Michael and Katherine Hastings
  • Debbie Kukta
  • Michael and Caroline Cusumano
  • UMe Credit Union
  • Karen Volpei and Barry Gussow
  • Fred Bell
  • Matt, Karen, Emerson and Aidan Hill
  • Jon Schafer
  • Vic and Sue Georgino
  • Lisa and Craig Murray
  • Kendra Simon
  • Ernest and Judy Dellinger
  • Vince Loporchio
  • Burbank City Federal Credit Union
  • Peter Knapik
  • Alisa Cunningham
  • BUSD Leadership Team
  • Myles & Hasmik Collins
  • Peter Babaian
  • Gary Glass
  • Skylight Foundation
  • Ziemba + Prieto Architects
  • Caton Clark
  • Crown Realty and Development
  • Christine Molaro
  • Burbank Mason Lodge No. 406
  • Gema Sanchez
  • Timur Tecimer
  • Joan and John Black
  • Steven Peck, Peck Law Group
  • Christine Palm
  • Ken Nielsen
  • Barry Burnett
  • Lee Wochner
  • Cusumano Family Foundation
  • Jack O’Neill
  • Charles “Bud” Alleman Jr.
  • Penny and Michael Zambrano
  • Renee Yuen


Two Treble Clef Donors ($200)

  • Sunder Ramani
  • Chris and Suzanne Weerts
  • Linda Walmsley
  • Bill and Lynne Abbey
  • Alan Arzoian
  • Sharon Draper
  • Barbara Bartman
  • Won Me Park
  • Roger and Evelyn Cusumano
  • Sean Dugan
  • Bill Wiggins
  • Scott LaChasse
  • Nat and Alma Rubinfeld
  • Debra and David Knight
  • Tim and Glenda Behunin
  • Roberta Reynolds
  • Ray Palm in honor of Diane Palm
  • Bud Ovrom
  • Leo Divinsky
  • Burbank Chamber of Commerce
  • Richard and Kelly Bertain
  • Gordon Ecker Jr.


One Treble Clef Donors ($100)

  • Tom Vice
  • Jill Vander Borght
  • Tricia Steel
  • April Williams
  • Sabshin/Blek Family
  • Cynthia Pease
  • Barry Burnett
  • Alethia Calagias
  • Carrie Brown
  • Anita and Mark Hutchinson
  • Dr. Oscar Macias
  • Steve Frintner
  • Louis Talamantes
  • Penny and Darryl Forbes
  • Krista Dragna-Zampino
  • Rick and Nancy Lacher
  • JD and Toby Black
  • Lucy Burghdorf
  • Amy Smeed
  • Dr. Greg Miller
  • Janet McIntyre and Donald St. Clair
  • Pat Patterson
  • Bud Alleman
  • Barry and Kathy Sarna
  • Travis Smith
  • Leigh London-Redman
  • Nathan and Victoria Lanier
  • Preston and Diane Meyer
  • Keith Kaminski
  • Erika Kaestle
  • Charles B. Cusumano
  • Bill North
  • Mark and Alexandra Helfrich
  • Charlene Tabet
  • Rhea Kostecka
  • Jen Casey
  • Victoria Kirschenbaum
  • Bridget and David Fogg
  • Sharon Cuseo
  • Stephen Newman
  • Joyce Warman
  • Bobbi and Brice Cranston
  • Carolyn and John Mueller
  • Dennis Weaver
  • Cindy Giraldo
  • Eryn Krueger Mekash
  • Pam Bassuk
  • Timothy Murphy
  • Tom Flavin
  • Debbie and Jerry Wade
  • M’Lisa MacLaren
  • Dr. and Mrs. Irwin L. Golden
  • Bill Toth Real Estate
  • James McDermott
  • George R. Pacal, DDS
  • Barbara, Susie, Harry and Addie Miller
  • Bruce and Leslie Lilly
  • Jason and Caroline Solberg
  • Tammy Sparks
  • David Jaynes
  • Cathy Stevens
  • Dr. Armond Aghakhanian
  • Robert Rush
  • Brad Korb
  • Terry O’Brien
  • Yamel Ramirez
  • Kim Ayers
  • Amanda Biers-Melcher
  • Elizabeth Harvatine
  • Terry Walker
  • Lily Lin
  • Judie Wilke
  • Ernest Burger
  • Peggy Flynn
  • Nancy Snowden
  • Clayton and Marilyn Whitney
  • Dr. Keith Sanneman
  • Ana Connell
  • Orville Grene
  • Bob and Chez Mohler
  • Burbank Teachers Association
  • Kelly McGowan
  • Kris and Jenny Jones
  • Mary Frintner
  • Nick and Karen Nesbitt
  • Nina and Kevin McCarney
  • Karen Broderick
  • Paul and Amy Herman
  • Jeffrey Stastny
  • John and Jennifer Audette
  • Natalie Sullivan
  • Michelle Mehta
  • Amy Roach
  • Cary Noren
  • Jeanne Roach
  • Carol Briggs
  • Shannon Marando
  • Alana Billingsley
  • Melissa Morlok
  • Lauren Wygle
  • Kim and Matt Garland
  • Susan Sebastian
  • Katherine Cantrell
  • Jack and Christine Nitzsche
  • Phillip & Renae Aguilar
  • Deborah Madrigal
  • Michelle Rosen
  • Dr. Tom Kissinger
  • Dr. Michael W. Williams, D.C.
  • Phil and Crystal Weinstein
  • Ted and Nohemy Bunch
  • David and Sarah Escobar
  • Cheryl and Ron Davis
  • Theresa and Sean White
  • Rebecca and Robin Underwood
  • Gary and Judy Monji
  • Daina Burness
  • Kathy Lawrence
  • Janice Lowers
  • Sunrise Rotary Club of Burbank
  • Fox Fire Protection
  • David Geisen of Burbank Printing
  • Gary Oseransky and Doreen Kaye Wydra
  • Burbank Association of Realtors Community Service Foundation
  • Jack Ricketts Fund
  • Magnolia Park Optimist Club
  • Carol Finkle
  • Nina Krakirian
  • Deborah Mackey


Bass Clef Donors ($50 or less)

  • Jason Martinez
  • The Jaszkowiak Family
  • Donors from Outreach Events
  • Jessica Kender
  • Kelly Glaim
  • Steven Rosas
  • Pet Roc Productions
  • Rosalie and Bob Goldfried in memory of Dick Williams


What are the benefits to kids of a quality music education program? Here are a few facts:

National research shows the importance of a quality music education in a child’s school day. Click here to read 20 important benefits of music education in our schools and how music supports a child’s social, emotional and academic development.

Here are some local facts:  

  • In 1978, after the passing of Proposition 13 in the state of California, arts and music education in our statewide public school system saw a significant decrease in funding. Schools cut programs, sold band instruments and gave pink slips to art and music teachers. In the 1990s, because of years of a lack of federal and state funding. Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) faced very tough decisions district-wide and cut or minimized what was a very robust arts and music education program.
  • Despite this lack of funding, our forward thinking District made a commitment in 2005. BUSD’s Arts for All plan was formally adopted by the BUSD Board of Education in December of 2005 after a rigorous planning process by the Burbank Unified Community Arts Team. The plan encompasses all forms of arts education learning through seven focus areas. Click here to see it!
  • Since 2014, BUSD has made a commitment each school year through their Local Control Accountability Plan to support instrument repair and replacement by investing $20,000 annually in middle and high school instrumental music programs.
  • Currently, in BUSD’s middle and high schools, students are still trying to learn on broken instruments, which fail a student’s ability to perform in class and in school concerts. Instrument by instrument, there has been an effort – with support from LA County Arts Commission’s Arts Education Collective, Burbank Arts for All Foundation, parents, local businesses, musicians, school site booster clubs and PTA units – to help BUSD, as well as these students and teachers build or rebuild their school’s instrumental music program.
  • Because of all of these efforts and more, The NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Foundation has recognized the Burbank Unified School District for its outstanding commitment to music education with the prestigious Best Communities for Music Education designation for 2017. To read more about BUSD’s music education program, click here.
  • With an identified need of $1.2 million for instrument repair and replacement, there’s more work to do to support our local schools and students!


Here are just a few stories and pictures from investments Burbank Arts for All Foundation has made over the years impacting teachers and students in Burbank Unified and furthering music education for all kids:


In the Fall of 2011, the band students at Luther Burbank Middle School were excited to have new instruments to perform on. Through a grant provided by the Foundation and other supplemental sources of income, Luther Bands was able to purchase a flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and two Yamaha Bell Kits. Cathy Kim, (Former) Band Director at Luther, stated:

These new instruments replaced old, worn and partially broken instruments. Many of the students had been playing on instruments that exceeded 20 years of use. With these new instruments, the students showed more confidence in their playing during tests, performances and auditions, and they were more motivated to practice outside of class. This project makes an impact on the classroom music teacher as well, because it works toward building a solid inventory of instruments that will last many years.



In the Fall of 2013, thanks to the Hal Wetherwax Instrumental Music Fund, Burbank High’s Jazz Band was able to acquire a new Yamaha Alto Sax for their Lead Alto Player. According to Michael Stanley,  (former) Director of Instrumental Music at BHS, the new instrument has not only affected the Lead Alto Player, but the entire ensemble, as well as the entire student body:

Since getting the new saxophone provided by this grant, the student has been highly motivated to practice and has taken private lessons as well. As a result, he is sounding better and is a stronger player. This in turn is making the jazz band sound better, which benefits all the students in that ensemble directly and by extension, the entire IMA program and the school, since the jazz band performs at various functions such as Open House, which improves the quality of life for the campus at large.



In the Fall of 2011,  John Burroughs High School (JBHS) bands wanted to provide instruments for all students interested in participating even if they do not own an instrument. Through this grant JBHS was able to purchase a new oboe that has helped increase the practice and performance time of oboe students. This oboe purchase has also offered valuable professional development opportunities for aspiring musicians at JBHS. As JBHS IMA Board Member, Aileen Neitzert, remarked in the final report,

The oboe is probably the most often requested instrument by outside patrons when inquiring to have students perform at events and the added instrument has increased the students’ opportunities to gain experience in real-life performance situations.




In the Fall of 2015, David Starr Jordan Middle School IMA combined funds with a Foundation grant and was able to purchase a new Double Horn for their growing band program. The new Double Horn has greatly enhanced the abilities of the band’s Horn Section, guaranteeing that the students are successful in their playing skills.

According to Band Director Dr. John Whitener, the most successful part of the project was “opening the box and handing the new instrument to our horn players!”



In the Spring of 2017, John Muir Middle School  Instrumental Music Director, Suzanne Snell, applied for a second grant to support an additional tuba to expand the tuba section. The smaller size of the tuba makes it an ideal instrument for young musicians. A tuba that sounds good and does not need constant repairs due to age will improve the sound of the brass section, and therefore, the sound of the whole band.

“Now we have enough working tubas for all of our tuba players to use so they do not need to share anymore. This has made the tuba players much happier in class. The students are happy and excited to be able to play a new instrument that has better sound quality. This has increased student practicing which in turn has increased sound quality and strengthened the musicality of the performing groups. Grants given through the generosity of organizations like the Burbank Arts for All Foundation are extremely important to help keep our music program thriving and we are grateful for your help.”

To watch videos or read more stories about our impact in all mediums of arts education over Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s history, click here!


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