Burbank Arts for All Foundation is grateful to YOU, all of our donors, members, volunteers and partners! Together, we did a lot in 2016 to support arts education in Burbank’s public schools, but we know there is more work to do. 

We do this work because it is right for the kids and our community. All of the public school kids deserve a whole education that includes the arts.

Beyond the outreach programs we host or the investments we make in tools or art supplies, our greatest impact is in what these kids do with their education. What kind of world will they create? What accomplishments will they achieve because the arts played an important role in their school day?

Our short, ten year history has a proven track record for inspiring artistry, innovation and better human understanding through supporting arts education.

We have a vision to do a heck of a lot more in our next ten years. Can we count on you to continue on this journey with us? Whether you give your time or your donation, it all makes a big difference.

YOUR donations allow the Foundation to:

  • provide supplemental funding for arts education programs that fill unmet needs or serve as incubators for education innovation
  • host a variety of community engagement programs that empower artists, parents, civic and business leaders to ensure all students receive a quality arts education.

Thank you to our village of donors, business partners, private foundations and members who invested in our mission in 2016!

Any donation given to the Foundation means we can further our mission in 2017! All donations are appreciated and make a difference:

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 Your Donations at Work in 2016: 


 Our grant making program: 

As Burbank’s only public arts education foundation, your donations make a big difference in what we are able to accomplish each year. Our grant making programs are at the heart of all we do to provide innovation in teaching, creativity in the classroom or matching funds to support a Principal’s vision. Twice a year, our grant making program involves a process where we review, vet and evaluate all funding requests to ensure our investments meet our guidelines and are in partnership with BUSD’s Arts for All plan. Often, our grants are leveraged or matched by funding by BUSD’s Arts for All funds, school site budgets, and parent led booster clubs or PTA units.

In 2016 alone, the Foundation provided funding for 39 grant requests impacting more than 10,376 students. Because of your donations, we were able to provide:

Elementary Schools: 

  • A theater arts production of Tacky the Penguin
  • Visual arts supplies for a teacher wanting to deepen instruction beyond crayons and markers
  • Ballet bars and mirrors for dance instruction
  • iPads for digital media integration in Social Studies and Science
  • Music instruction in underserved TK, Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • A digital piano to support music and theater programs
  • Theatrical lighting equipment to improve the use of an auditorium
  • Arts Integration in a 4th Grade Math class to integrate sketching to explore patterns in Math. “Students need to know that there are many pathways to answers, not just using a logarithm that is repetitive and needs memorization. Exploration with patterns and numbers and learning about them conceptually and authentically is what real mathematics is.”
  • Matching funds to upgrade and replace their kiln that supports their very robust clay program.
  • An Art History Gallery Installation in the Hallways of the school site. This program is modeled after the program we invested in at McKinley Elementary and works in partnership with the John Burroughs High School Wood Shop classes. All students at the school site will benefit from the works of art that will be displayed in the hallways and allow teachers to use the visual arts to support curricular standards across all subjects.
  • A REMO drum circle presentation
  • Dance for Special Education Students

Middle School:

  • On campus mural with integrated learning strategies in Digital Media, History and Visual Arts classrooms
  • Mixer bowls and pasta makers for culinary arts
  • Clear-com devices for combined use by the choir, theater and instrumental music performances
  • Seed funding to support an instrumental strings program
  • Arts integration program taught by an 8th grade Math teacher. She plans to integrate the visual arts in her Math Intervention course. This year, she hopes to grow the program into the Academic Intervention as well in partnership with another teacher. Student outcome goals are access to arts education, increased motivation for academic learning and school attendance
  • A Poetry Book Project taught by a 7th grade English Teacher with two of her classes, one being a SPED collaborative class. Students will explore and create poetry that will be captured in a published book gaining a deeper, stronger understanding for both art and poetry.

 High School:

  • Guest Choreographers and instruments for the performing arts programs.
  • A collaboration with a Composition Teaching Artist to partner with Animation Class and AP Music Theory to support music in animation shorts.
  • Matching seed funding for Drama/Drama Tech Department Supplies and Tools
  • The growth of a program taught by a Computer Programming teacher who teaches Code to make visual art that culminates in a Holiday Light and Music Show
  • A computer workstation and software for use in instrumental music instruction
  • A pottery wheel to grow the instructional opportunities for sculpture and visual art classes
  • A fourth investment matching BUSD’s Arts for All Funds for Magnolia Park to grow their visual arts instruction for bookmaking and wall painting workshops. The impact of our funding at this site has had a profound impact in their community of learning and we are pleased to hear that conversations will start to encourage the SELPA to also invest in arts education for this school site.

District wide:

  • We matched funding by BUSD Arts for All’s budget to extend for Professional development opportunities for MORE teachers to participate –over the summer – in a 5 day program hosted by The Art Center’s Designed Based Learning Lab
  • We supported the District’s strategic planning sessions for the Arts for All plan

Our Community Engagement Programs:

Empowering our parent, artist, civic and community leaders to take action and become solution partners to help our schools where they need it most!


Experts and Educators Discuss the Video Game Industry


Avra Warsofsky, Program Specialist at Magnolia Park, talks about the arts integrated program’s impact at our summer donor reception hosted by The Walt Disney Company

David Starr Jordan Middle School Media Arts Teacher, Chris Mitchell, and Principal Stacy Cashman presnting at our April 2016 Meeting

David Starr Jordan Middle School Media Arts Teacher, Chris Mitchell, and Principal Stacy Cashman presenting at our April Community Meeting


Special Creative Circles Forum with Don Hahn discussing “How We Create”


Donors, members, guests and high school students attend our Creative Circles Forum focused on the Video Game Industry

Disney Elementary Principal Molly Hwang sharing with the group

Disney Elementary Principal Molly Hwang sharing with the group at our January Community Meeting

In 2016, our community engagement programs brought together 400 of Burbank’s best creative supporters! Because of your donations, here’s a snapshot of what we were able to accomplish:

  • We attended every BUSD Local Control Accountability Plan Advisory Committee meeting. Not only were we able to understand the broader needs of the school district, but we were there to support the District SUSTAIN its commitment to arts education by maintaining General Music Elementary School Teacher, a Musical Instrument Repair budget and funds to support Visual Arts classes supplies and materials for the middle and high schools.
  • We participated in BUSD’s Community Arts Team strategic planning sessions to prioritize the current Arts for All plan.
  • We presented at monthly Burbank PTA Council meetings. We serve in alignment with our PTA Council.
  • We have met a few times with Superintendent Matt Hill, Assistant Superintendent Sharon Cuseo, Visual and Performing Arts TOSA, Daniel Swartz, and Arts and Career Technical Education Coordinator, Peggy Flynn, to discuss the Arts for All plan and its focus over the next year. 
  • We partnered with Arts for LA and presented new tools and research in advocacy for arts education. We are so grateful for our regional partner in this important work!
  • We produced two Creative Circles Forums, bringing education and business together to collaborate, discuss and share.
  • We hosted seven Community Meetings through the work of our Community Outreach Group. These meetings are free and open to the public and focus on the areas of Community Outreach, Schools Outreach, Legislation, and Volunteer Engagement. Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 6:30pm! Click here to find out more.

BUT WE ARE NOT DONE! Until every Burbank student receives a quality arts education, we must remain committed to our mission.


We hope we can count on you to keep this amazing momentum going so that ALL kids will experience creative learning opportunities in their classrooms!

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Our Infrastructure:

We also completed the second phase of training through the Annenberg Foundation’s Alchemy+ Program and our Board of Directors participated in a Board Retreat to provide us with best practice tools in Board Governance, Fundraising and Financial Management. The training was thanks to a grant we received from The Annenberg Foundation.


Executive Director, Trena Pitchford, Vice Chair and Chair of the Board of Directors, Bob Mohler and Carrie Brown, at the March 2016 Graduation of Alchemy+ Program hosted by The Annenberg Foundation

In November, our Executive Director, Trena Pitchford, was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award from the Burbank Association of Realtors. Board Chair, Carrie Brown, and Board members, Karen Volpei and Cathy Stevens, attended the breakfast where the award was announced.

We are grateful to the many in-kind donations we receive like marketing and design services from mOcean, Trotta Mediaworks and 5D Spectrum. THANK YOU for making us look so good!

Here’s a Snapshot of our Finances:

Our expenses support our operational budget with 35% of our expenses for our Grant making and Engagement Programs, 18% to General and Management operations and 47% to Fundraising expenses. Our goal for 2017 is to maintain our fiscal management and increase philanthropic donations from donors or businesses who believe in our mission. If we can meet our goal, we hope to be able to further diversify our revenues and decrease our reliance on raising funds through fundraising events.